Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is my husband y'all!!!!!!

This is for my mother.

Here we are Mother. All safe and sound.
Very safe...
...and very sound...
This is for Justus.
This is for Lily.
This is our eldest child. Her name is Reesie. She's not as evil as she looks. In fact she's quite the wimp, so ignore that bat-ish look. She's also very disobedient. I went on a bike ride today and she followed me for about a mile, and when I came to a downhill, I took off flying, losing her in my tracks. I hope she's not dead now. My miniature brother and sister-in-laws would despise me forever.
Our beautiful road at dusk.

There you go Mother.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How do I love thee...??

Let me count the 5 billion ways...
Starting with 22. Not in order. Never capable of being in order. Mmmm I love my man...

1. You're cute.
2. You keep me from being a firey feist ball of firey feistiness when my blood boils hot in my veins. You calm me.
3. You're funny.
4. You're really funny.
5. Did I mention that you're... funny...?
6. You are obnoxious.
7. ...and you aren't at the same time...
8. You tell me I'm cute.
9. You tell me I'm cute even when I do something stupid.
10. You always want me beside you, even when you're working and I'm nothing but a chatter box while you are trying to do your job.
11. You never treat me with anything but love, amusement, tenderness, kindness, respect, gallantry, and lots of lots of teasing to go with.
12. You know everything about EVERYTHING, and there has not been a brainy question I have asked that your brainy self has not been able to answer.
13. You're brilliant.
14. You're hot.
15. You sing loud. Very loud.
16. You talk loud. And I love it.
17. You say my name funny.
18. You're a woodland boy. Oo lala...
19. You hold my hand while driving... without fail.
20. You hold me and pray whenever you think of something to thank God for, and in all of our decisions you ask Him for His guidance. You are a strong, strong leader.
21. You stop the truck and endanger our lives in the middle of the road just to climb up the hill and pick me a handful of beautiful flowers. And it's all your idea.
22. You make me feel like the most blessed, most happy, most fulfilled, most loved, strongest, most beloved, most cherished woman in the world.