Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hiya folks!

Boy oh boy has it been awhile! Yesterday we *finally* got hooked up to the internet at our house, so we've been enjoying that luxury for about 18 hours now (wink). This morning I woke up early with Clint to see him off, and I managed to get about 80% of my to-do list done already, and the child is still sleeping, so I'm feeling pretty good about that right now.
So I came to my blog.
My own poor little neglected blog that I gave up trying to maintain as my life became busier and busier.  For months now, I have wanted to pick it back up because I loved writing "on" it, and I've recently had a ton of people tell me I should. The stubborn bone that resides in my body is extremely large (i'ts my spine or something), so usually if a ton of people are pressuring me into something, I go against the flow there. I have no explanation for this, but apparently my husband has this too. This annoyed my sister to vast amounts in our teenage years, but her and our friends had a hard time convincing me to do something I didn't feel like doing (like going shopping that day, or something little like that). Stupid I know, but I was a lot worse in my younger years. Then I got married and that stubborn bone basically disintegrated, and I will only be resistant every once in awhile now.
Reading over the last post I ever posted, I couldn't help from cracking up. My life was so different then, but still just the same. Of course CJ wasn't a jabbering, strong-willed, busy little man then as he is now, and my life has more things going on in it. Oh, and that year I thought that 29 degrees was cold, but this year, we were in the negatives.
So as my little "honey, I'm home!" to this dear blog of mine, I will write out another "things I'm loving right now" in memory of my very last blog post about a year and a half ago. So here goes.

Things I am Loving Right Now
(not in order)

1. Gevalia coffee. Perhaps it's my Swedish lineage that has influenced me to love this stuff...I do not know. But it is good, people, and it's affordable. Which is it's first virtue.
2."Momu". Yes, my 2 year old child has nick-named me, and discovered that I am such a sucker for this nick-name that I will basically do anything he wants when he calls me this. Pronounced "Mom-oo", it's is just about the most adorable thing coming out of his little rosebud mouth.
3.My man. I'm loving him every season, but I realize "more" (if that makes sense) with every week that goes by, that I really DID get a 1-in-10-million. I'm going to cut my gushing short for now because I am sensing a seriously long paragraph about him coming on.
4. Busyness. I LOVE being (controllably) busy with my writing, my work, my goals, my little family.
5. Feeling little Teddy move. Clint nick-named CJ while he was still in the womb and he's done it again. We are not finding out the gender with this baby, but he still calls it Teddy. He's kinda nutty, I know, but it's the adorable kind of nutty. You should hear my multiple nick-names.
6. The sun! This precious fire-ball that brings happiness to many, basically hid the entire winter, and lately it has been showing it's lovely face. It was N-E-V-E-R sunny this winter.
7. The ability to run! I love staying fit while being pregnant and running has proven to be an empowering outlet for me there. As I read the last post I had ever written here, it was interesting for me to see my thoughts so long ago about running. I had just gotten into it.
8. My perpetually flat jogging stroller tire. (just kidding)
9. Cheese balls from Amish markets. Ha! Clint has been working on a big building the last few days, and has been bringing me home delicious little treats from this place. The last two nights we've been battling over the remnants of a bacon-garlic cheese ball he brought back. This stuff was even better than it sounds and Clint will forever get a thousand kisses for each cheese-ball he brings home to me (I'm hoping he'll read this).
10.  "Zay-zay", which is how CJ calls himself. Yesterday a stranger asked his name... he got this huge bashful smile, pointed at himself and said "Name...Zay-zay", then looked away smiling in embarrassment. It was so adorable, I'll never forget it.
11. "Flower trees" which is how I explained to CJ why on earth there were flowers on the trees. Spring is here, and there are beautiful white and red buds everywhere, and I guess this phenomenon was very shocking to him.
12. A tall, sunburnt, incredibly wise, funny, intelligent and sexy guy coming home to me everyday. He makes me laugh at dumb jokes and can do the ultimate redneck vocal impression. His mind will forever fascinate me and he looks ridiculously handsome when he's staring at whatever he's reading with his eye brows furrowed. I love him, people. He brings me cheese balls and dried apricots.

And that'll be it for my little list for now. In case you didn't know (which basically everyone knows, so that isn't likely), we are expecting our second little angel in August!  CJ was not "planned". In fact, learning we were pregnant with him was a complete shock... he came about two years earlier than what we were originally intending, haha. But as I'm sure just about any married couple can atest to, it's perty darn easy to get yerself in the family way. (blush) After he was born I was worried about getting pregnant quickly again... of course we want children, but it's our preference to have them with healthy space so we can enjoy each one in the stage it is in. So, my whole point is... we are SO excited for this new little bundle!! It's a strong little kicker and its made its nest in my waist, haha. It is due in August, and of course I am hoping for an early birth (to make up for CJ's three week late arrival). I am looking forward to going through the summer pregnant, which might sound strange to some.
Going through pregnancy for the second time is a whole 'nother story than with the first. But that is a different post for a different time.
Which is my cue. It's been real. It's been nice. It's been real nice. I plan to update this puppy a couple of times a week but don't hold me to it or anything.
To close this, here's a close-up of a little angel face. And some lashes to envy.