Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life has returned.

Well, spring has sprung.
I wonder how many blogs out there have mentioned the beginning of spring? I'm guessing a serious amount. I hate to be all cheesy and cliche, but it's spring people, and it's awesome.
My life changes in the spring time since living in TN. Growing up, spring meant it was green for a month before the dryness of summer hit, but the temperature was not really different from winter (60's and 70's). There was no huge universal sigh of relief whenever spring came along. No escape from insufferable weather. Well here, it was in the single digits this winter, goshdarnit, so spring is really a huge deal.
I just hate being cold. I really do. I'm a total baby about it, I know. But I'm guessing it has something to do with having only been in the snow once in 17 years of life before moving to Tennessee and getting a severe weather and culture shock.
After three blissful years of marriage in this beautiful state, Winter and I are still on bad terms. I just don't get it. Why? Why does it have to be so cold?
That being said, I absolutely adore the spring and all of the promise it brings. The promise of all the adventures we have outside, promises of cookouts and long, humid nights of volleyball with creek dips in between games, lots of running, soaking up the sun, swimming and jumping off of bluffs into the river, boating, tubing, a happy little boy, frizzy hair, way too much produce, a bright green countryside, utter terror of coming across a snake... the list goes on. I love warm weather. And trust me people, you ain't been through no fun summer until you've summer'd in Cane Creek.
Aside from all the spring cleaning buzz and sudden dire need I discover within myself to paint something or completely rearrange my entire house, I love the warmer weather because my priorities change. It really does have this sense of refreshment and renewal to it. Spring is inspiring. I get all organized and am truly excited to (attempt to) be Super Woman. I know I'm not alone. For centuries, spring cleaning has been a common and even fun practice.
So, here's another cheesy little "I love" list. Because I know you've been just itching for me to write another one.
Things I'm Loving
-Hearing the birds every morning start to sing.
-Hearing a little teeny voice say "Mama, hear bird??!" while the cherub face looks anxiously out the window.
-Throwing open all the windows every morning and breathing in sweet smelling fresh air that...GASP!...isn't freezing cold.
-Having huge piles of weeds, leaves, and wildflowers brought ever so lovingly over to me by my little blonde boy.
-Long evenings with my Sweetheart spent reading, being sat on by a 30 pound child who is just completely star-struck with his Daddy, laughing at said child's antics, and talking nonstop.
-Iced Honduran coffee that I paid absolutely way too much for.
-Finding wasps flying around all over my house (just kidding).
-The freedom to wear flip-flops without looking like a complete nut-case.
-A sunburnt man coming home to me who isn't practically frostbitten.
-A baby bump that just got all official in the last few days.

What are the biggest life changes you have noticed this Spring? Mine are obviously pretty simple... but I love the simple. It's all those pleasant little things that add up in life and make it beautiful.