Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Future Plans

I have been so busy lately. Focusing on my Plexus business, whipping up the world's most natural makeup (yay!) and figuring out patent issues, cost, packaging, etc., keeping up my daily life of hanging out with, teaching, and caring for my little mini man and then my main Man (not the teaching part...;-), being a wife and homemaker, working out, being pregnant (that takes up some energy...), our social activities and more. 
I want to revamp this blog, give it a makeover, and dedicate some more time to it. So if you stumble across it one day and notice some weird changes, it's because I'm in the works of improving it's appearance. I'll be posting more photos and also adding in more health and fitness type content which I hope everyone enjoys.
Here's a little photo teaser of a cute little blonde boy who is very excited Mama let him have a marshmallow.

So, stay tuned! Talk about a boring post, I know. 


1 comment:

  1. I'm excited to learn more about your makeup! I'll make sure to stay tuned for updates. :)