Tuesday, March 29, 2011


God is good. God is so beyond good. God is incomprehensibly good. He has been so good to us.
We decided to start a new blog as a married couple... so many friends have requested that we give them updates on our life together so, here ya go. Whenever we head in to town and hack the wireless from the library from the safety or our truck we'll be sure to supply with you some good updates.
As for right now, in case you all are wondering... we're doing great!!! Life is overflowing with blessings for us. I need to find a better word for us than "happy". Fantastically happy... ridiculously happy... beyond happy... abundantly happy... exuberantly happy... freakishly happy.... yeah, I'm happy. And in love. VERY IN LOVE.
We spent a little over a week after the wedding in Big Sur, then flew back out here to Tennessee. Between setting up our house, going to work, church, the creek (yes... it was cold...), playing basketball, praying meeting, dinner at the fam's, visiting with Justin and Amber, our reception here, and Clint's sister's wedding (that we were both part of), life was been very busy. I imagined before that wedding the doing everyday things would be waaaayyyy better with Clint, but waaaaayyyyy better isn't fit to hold a candle to how awesomely amazingly fantastically wonderful everyday life is with him! I'm 110 percent positive I roped the finest man living (that has lived and every will live) on earth... I'm still scratching my head wondering why on earth God blessed little ol' undeserving me with Clint Stoll. WOW is all I can say. And thank you. Lots of thank you's! God is so good!
Hopefully I'll be posting a few pictures for my picture-hungry fans out there (aka my family).
Till next time...

p.s. I really like Clint Stoll. A LOT. Yeah, a lot.


  1. Oooh...do I get to be the first commenter...exciting! I'm glad to see you'll be posting the occasional update when you can find time away from your K-I-S-S-I-N-G. :) Married life is very, VERY good.

  2. You know Hannah...I prophesied your marriage don't you...I realize I called him Jim Bob, but, just the same it did come true :) You truly are a country girl!!! And I bet you all (California's way of saying it) have a gun in the back window of your truck don't ya????? :D:D I thought about standing up and sharing this at your wedding :D. Just wanted to remind you and tell you both we are so happy for the new Stoll family!!! Lord Bless you!!! The Shaf's

  3. Where did you get your dress?? It is GORGEOUS!!!
    Ahhh, Hannah, I am *so* happy for you!!!! you just make me grin with the way you write. I can't wait to marry Brandon even more now!!!
    post more pictures!!!!!

  4. and by the way...I don't ever use my "music" blog... I use this one:

  5. I'm so happy for you, Clint and Hannah! Thanks for sharing your blog! :)

  6. This is my first time commenting on a blog. Oh the things I do for you, Han. ;)

    Thanks for making a blog for us picture-hungry fans! I am SO happy for you and Clint. It has been awesome to watch how God has blessed you throughout the years! Love you, dearie!

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  8. Oh Hannah, I'm so happy for you! You always make me smile and laugh! I definitely look forward to hearing more. I love you. :)

  9. Okay Hannah, where are the pictures? We are hungry. Love you. Miss you. So happy for you both. Updates please. I love your writing. Can't wait to see your beautiful face. Mom

  10. Well Mrs. Shaf... I can't say we have a rifle in the back window of our truck, but I will confess that I have been the official little hang-on-to-the-rifle-while-I-drive kind of wife a couple of times. And there is an old stockpot on our driveway that has a few bullet holes in it. And I've eaten canned black eyed peas. But that wasn't Clint's fault, it was Mike's.
    Beth Nell... I got my dress at a bridal salon in CA. It was the WTOO brides Vanessa model but I reconstructed it. I love it too!
    Sorry I don't have photos up yet... I need to take some that aren't JUST of Clint, Clint, and Clint... you all might get infatuated with him too if you hear too much about him...