Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dependency 101

Once upon a time, in a land most likely far, far away from you, there lived a newlywed blonde who once was very smart.
She read early, spoke early, understood early, back-talked early... when she grew older she could she noticed everything about everyone and figured out the going-on's of life around her quickly. She knew she was smart, she was often told she was smart. Until one day...
She met the love of her life, who happened to be brilliant. Brilliant. She admired his wit-filled ways and was thrilled to find someone who "understood", like she felt she did.
Well, she fell in love with the love of her life, the feeling was mutual, and they went to the chapel and got married. Actually it was a huge room but it was a wedding nonetheless.
She grew to be very, very twitterpated, and with becoming very, very twitterpated, a girl can become... a twit.
She did not realize she had caught this virus until she started breaking things. The man is the clumsy one right? Nooooo.... not when you are twitterpated. First she destroyed her crockpot, then she destroyed his truck, then she destroyed his truck again about 10 minutes after the first destruction. Then she threw a porclein wedding gift onto the back of the destroyed truck and broke it in two...or fifteen... pieces. I will not list all the things I... er... she broke, because it is too long. Not mentioning that she can no longer do math, notice things, and struggles with singing on key.
Her dilemma is that her husband is too smart. MUCH too smart. Much too capable, much too observant, much too agile, much too thoughtful, much too careful. She had learned to rely on him to completely that she KNEW he'd figure it out! Of course he'd figure it out! Did she have to worry about a thing? Nawwww.... her husband is AMAZING!
So. She is trying to use her brain again. She is still twitterpated, and her husband is still a genius, but she is trying to find her old roots. Somehow... in the distance... beyond the horizon... on the glassy sea...

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  1. You are so funny, Hannah! I hope I don't (or do?) get twitterpated when I get married! Don't break anymore wedding presents! :)