Thursday, July 7, 2011

Of Bellies and Hardworking Husbands.

Alas, the promised belly shot.
It's barely there, but behold, it is coming quickly. I just hit my third month and I am starting to become unable to suck this thing in. At least, I comfort myself, it's a hard pooch. When I lay down, it's not longer ribs and a downward slope that I see. No, it is a small pot belly bursting forth. I am looking forward to another month of pregnancy so that I can actually look pregnant, instead of looking like I had too many marshmallows on the fourth.
A few days ago, my Man hopped on the little tractor and mowed a few of our acreage surrounding our house as I cooked a dinner in the humid kitchen that he devoured viciously later. There's nothing like looking out the window on a warm summer evening to see the man you love sitting shirtless, his back bronzed from hard work, looking very cut and chiseled, on the tractor expertly mowing a field. Talk about attractive. Don't mind if I gush for a moment. I swooned for a little while going back and forth between the stove and the window, before I realized that I ought to do something about this. So, I snuck down the stairs with my lonely camera, snuck around the side of the house, and snuck a picture... or two... in. It was all pretty sneaky. Problem was, I couldn't get a front shot without him seeing me....
... and of course in all his modesty he acted like he didn't like to see his little wife drooling over him...
...yeah right...
... so he made this face at me for two seconds...

... before telling me, hop on, baby.


  1. Aw, very cute belly. :) You make me laugh... I miss you... I was going through old letters yesterday and reading some of our emails to each other. LOL... ;P

  2. So cute! What a blessing! I heard rumor that Justina an' Amber are right up there with you two, is that so? Do they have a blog?

  3. Thanks for the belly picture! I have been wanting to see one. It's such a cute little baby bump! Knox said you don't even look pregnant! I can't wait to see you when you get a bigger bump. :) Love ya!