Monday, August 8, 2011

I am beyond thankful for...

A man that makes me proud.
A man that motivates me to go beyond my comfort zone... and tells me it makes him proud.
A man that has the perfect balance of treating me like a lady and a buddy at the same time.
A man that is manly enough to tell me how he feels.
A man that is compassionate towards other's faults and offenses when I am (extremely) not.
A man that can't resist the good ol' pouty lip...
A man that holds such a high standard for himself that he does not admit when he has just performed an impressive athletic feat.
A man that doesn't like makeup.
A man with a righteous jealously over his woman.
A man with a big chunk of boy still left in his heart.
A man who always asks me my opinion, even when I don't expect it.
A man who actually likes sushi!!! (even after we were married, mind you)
A man who says..."someday I'm going to buy you a..." (insert expensive car)
A man who never gets upset when I forget my bank password, social security number (at a crucial moment), where third gear is, etc.......

I know I'm probably all making you sick with my starry-eyed constant jabber about my perfect man, lover, friend... husband. But... I don't really care...

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