Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Of Volleyball

For those of you who haven't undergone my serious bragging about my husband's athleticism: Clint is an very, very skilled volleyball player. This is a point of immense pride for me. It fascinates me to watch him (and other good players... but mainly him), pass and set the ball with perfect precision and grace, and then... WHAM!!! slam it down on the other side with a hard spike and an maniacal jump supporting it. Thump, thump, goes my beating heart.
On Saturday we are headed out to Aspen with Gabe and his family for a volleyball tournament... according to Gabe, the largest in the country. But that's according to Gabe. I've been to only one of Clint's tournaments, and was honored to ooooo and aaahhhh all day long in the hot sun at some amazing plays. He played with his first or second (something like that) cousin...
These guys were supposedly the most lethal team. But... somehow, they were left in confusion by my man and his cousin. They threw them through a loop of despair and bewilderment.
Right over ya... buddy...
Look at that air! that's my husband y'all!

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