Sunday, September 4, 2011

The MotherLode... and no, I'm not talking about me.

We are currently lodging in the luxurious and lovely Colorado mountain city of Aspen. After twenty-two hours of tedious driving, faithfully performed mostly by my husband (due to my lack of confidence in stick-shift driving), we finally arrived last Friday, and have been filling our bellies with superb food and dark chocolate, enjoying the fabulous downtown and scenery, and being enthralled by the awesome volleyball, aka the 39th Annual Mother Lode Tournament, etcetera etcetera. Gabe and Clint played all day Saturday in the grueling sun, and in the morning on Sunday. As you all know... I am extremely, extremely proud of my man, especially when he plays volleyball... so here goes.

Waiting for the serve
I showed this to Clint to prove to him just how high he jumps since he never believes me and just doesn't comprehend what a jumping beast he is... the net is eight feet high, my man is about 6'1", and he is waaaaayyyyy over it...
Signaling Gabe for what he'll be blocking

Okay... these two guys played in the banana outifts all day long. All day. They looked ridiculous, and it certainly didn't help their movement any... but it was funny all the same.
(insert whistle)
(insert loud whistle)
Leif didn't enjoy the icecream or anything...

Okay so I'll allow Gabe a smidge of glory... for a fleeting moment...
....and, last but not least, here is my contribution to the array of photos. It's been strange walking around and finally looking pregnant.


  1. It looks beautiful there! Nice make me laugh. ;) I'm glad you guys are having a good time! Your belly is adorable!