Monday, September 26, 2011

The Creature

There is a creature living inside of me.
A real, live, squiggling, squirming creature.
The creature doesn't like to be poked and prodded by auntie-midwives... it responds by poking and prodding back.
The creature doesn't like it when it's tabernacle, me, lays on it's stomach... it then designs to kick it's protest in the middle of the night until it's tabernacle moves.
Supposedly the creature is the size of a ruttabega, however big that is... and it doesn't like grilled cheese. In fact when it comes in contact with grilled cheese it pushes it back to where it came from with all it's little might. And believe me, it's strong.
The creature has great control over it's environment. It tells my body when to change, how to change, and where to change. It also likes to shove it's little creature butt up against my right side, which is kinda cute.
The creature recognizes the other half of it's maker. When there's any casual pressure from the Man, the creature says, "Hey I know this dude!", and then proceeds to kick the Man... whether that be in the back, hand, arm, elbow...
The creature has a room of it's own, and many other things of it's own. It also consumes much of it's mother thoughts and dreams and ignites many discussions over what it will be called. The creature has a strong daddy to look forward to who will raise it with a firm hand (and a weakness for batting eyelashes), a strong spirit, and the deepest concern for it's little soul. It's mother will raise it with a weaker hand with every intention of being stronger, a weakness for it's Daddy, a feisty spirit that gets strengthened with it's daddy's help, and of course, deep concern for it's little soul. I am sure it will also be passed around and fought over by miniature aunts and uncles and two extremely doting grandmothers and two proud grandfathers who want it to be a boy.
The creature will also have a creature cousin who will be born a month after it, and yet another creature cousin who will be born five months after it.
The creature is coming. And behold, very soon.
I love my little creature.

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