Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colorado Memories

Jocelyn took it into her own hands to teach Leif how to ride.
There was a swift little stream behind the cabins we stayed at in Pitkin
The kids loved fishing... and actually caught quite a few
So... we four wheeled up miles and miles and climbed the last 800 ft of the highest peak around... it happened to be snowing and frigidly cold, and I was dumb enough to leave my warm coats at home. I had on about five shirts under that sweat jacket. It's nice having a husband that's hot... literally...
My view on the way down... whew!!
Can't forget the tradition now, can we!
Our little Marmot friend. Pure bucket of lard. Seriously, you touch the sides of this thing, and it's pure fat. There's one little back bone, and then all fat. I'm sure it was the queen of all the creatures up there or something... she must have sat around and done absolutely nothing. I have never come across such an obese animal besides my old cat Butter who was arthritic and about a foot wide and died from accidentally rolling into our neighbor's pool. PS. I carried this thing wrapped in a little tarp miles down the mountain on the back of a four wheeler, holding onto my hunter guy with one arm, with the rifle that was slung on his back jamming into my ribs. I was very proud of myself.
My man with his prize. He's actually smiling in a picture!!
Back at home... life becomes normal again. Here Clint is showing off his shooting skills...
Handsomeness in a redneck cutoff shirt. MMM.
The Stoll's play in a volleyball rec league every year. This time, as Renee has up and married and moved off to NC, Liz, Shanna, and myself are attempting to replace her. Here Tim, Rachel, Liz, and Clint are playing. I was off on the sidelines wishing I would have joined them. I probably will next week.

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