Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I miss my man... he's been working 12 hour days and I've been lonely without him... and there's no replacement for him. We wake up in the early mornings when it's still dark to the sound of his extremely annoying phone alarm... I sleepily make breakfast while he gets dressed and ready to go. Then we go downstairs, he gets in the car or the truck, we kiss and hug for awhile... and then he leaves while I restrain the puppy. And it makes me sad.
He's been coming home consistently at six or seven in the evening... he's been working with Justin who likes long hours from some strange reason. And thus my man is stolen from me all day long.

But we make up for it.

Poor guy... he comes home all tired and dirty and never complains. Of course I coo and fuss over him and he doesn't resist...

Sigh... builder guys...

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  1. Hi Hannah! I've been trying every possible way to get a hold of you, and this seems to be the only way to do so. My name is Rachelle, and I know of you and your sister Amber through mutual friends in California. I heard of your "double wedding" and have been somewhat following your blogs ever since. I love reading them, but the thing that captures me most, is that I can relate to you very well...especially in this particular blog that I'm commenting on. I felt like I was reading something I had written. The only thing that is different is that I don't have a dog that I'm restraining, haha! However, I miss my husband so much during the day as I'm home alone. We were married in a few months after you were married, but I can so easily relate to your loneliness, and so I wanted to somehow send a message or something to kind of be "email pals" that are going through the same type of loneliness. I don't know if you'll see this or not, but if you do, would you mind emailing me back?? My email is

    May the Lord richly bless you, Hannah!! I do look forward to each blog you put up!!!

    Many Blessings!!