Friday, August 17, 2012

Of fatness and summertime.

Oh my. It has returned.
Or I have returned, I suppose I should say. It has been many, many moons since I have posted. I have a huge, strapping 20lb six month old and the summer is leaving. I know this, because the leaves fall every once in awhile onto our lawn and it angers me, because I love summer. I don't want it to go. I want the heat to leave but when the heat leaves, the cold comes, and the creek is no longer something to look forward to. So as my Dad would say, it's a catch 22. Whatever that means.
Anyway, picture update. CJ is the joy of our lives! He is everyone's favorite little fatty... seriously, I don't think I go somewhere without someone telling me he's "awful perty". He's quite popular with the ladies at a few of the local stores here, not including the church girls. And the sister-in-laws. And the Grandma's. And the millions of relatives. Basically... he's loved.

The poor child has had enough photo shoots in his life, and decided enough was enough after about 700 photos (notice the unpleasant expression above).
 I love my slim man and my fat boy!
 Is he not the cutest creature you've ever seen? Am I blind?
 Nope, I'm not.
Photo credit to Liz Stewart. If I knew how to do fancy links, this is where I would add it. So instead, her site is: She does most of No Greater Joy's photography work and drives a bright yellow Bug that has a huge "Baby Doll" sticker on the back. Vital info. She is also a great friend and even spent a few hours "babysitting" us before our wedding. She was very, very strict. But we still love you Lizzy.
No one has perfected the just-woke-up lazy-eyed look like CJ. Here he is, fresh from the crib, dazed and confused.

Apart from being super cute, he's also brilliant. 

 The danger of putting a six month old boy with advanced athletic abilities on the counter-top in his pink chair? He will do anything, ANYTHING, to reach the decor.
 We had a couple of weeks of ridiculously hot weather here... I'm talkin' 107, 108 degree days. Couple that with humidity, and you learn what it really is like to be overheated. I put a wet washcloth on CJ's head whenever he was too distracted to notice. What can I say? He wears it well.
 Trying to strangle himself. Boys! Sheesh.
In the summertime, most evenings we're either playing basketbal, volleyball, or swimming (sometimes all three!). Clint continues to get better, and better, and better, and better at basketball. I can't say much about volleyball because...well... volleyball is his name. He and the ball are one. Trust me, it's too deep for us mere mortals to understand.
 This photo is extremely important. It showcases one of the  rare moments that Young Fatty is asleep at the court with a bunch of noise going on in my arms. Of course, this only happens if he hasn't taken a single nap all day long, and falls over with exhaustion. It's like he's reverting to his babyhood instead of being so grown up like he is. It brings out all of my motherly feelings.

We've spent so many evenings swimming after Clint gets home... CJ just adores it. (and if you think Clint looks tan here... this ain't nothin' compared to the color he came home with during that heat was like he lived in a tanning bed for a week.)
I can't get over how gorgeous he is! MMM!

That's all for today folks!


  1. Yay!! You posted!! No, you are not blind! The Fatty is beyond adorable. ;) I love the picture of CJ with the glasses and also the one where he is reaching for your decorations. Ahh, he is just too cute!! And you're still gorgeous, btw. :) Thanks for posting!

  2. I think it is about time you post another post... or... or... I'll post some of our old emails on my blog and link it to yours!!! MUUUAHAHAHA! :P (probably including that one that mentioned something about a pink toliet or some such nonsense like that. lol