Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ladies, get in line.

This is a picture post.
Wow! How unusual. Before I begin to write again on my blog, I have to blog (photos) for a little while so I gain gain inspiration. I am so out of the blogging sphere, I really don't have anything attention-grabbing to say. Therefore, this post is simply to visually update my friends who are curious on the wonders of our beautiful, plump offspring.
 We are busy with who-knows-what as usual, and happy as clams. CJ is getting smarter, (much) more mobile, and funnier by the day. Not to mention cuter. He says "Mama", "Da", and most recently, "ba" for 'boo'. He is a major flirt and is a favorite with the ladies. What can I say.
His all-time favorite person is Clint. He LOVES his daddy. He'll be fussy until he can just sit on his lap. Clint is awe-inspiring, amazing, and the funniest entertainment ever in CJ's little eyes. Sigh... like mother like son!

 Really? How could anyone not pick this creature up from the confines of his crib?
 CJ practices the lost art of the burrito tongue. 
 Stoll boys mature early I guess. CJ is not one to be left behind.
 He discovered that he could climb under the coffee table, and let me tell ya... this discovery thrills his soul.
 "So this is love... so this is love... so thhhhiiiiiiisssss is what my heeeaarrrttttt's been dreaming ooooffffffff!!"
 It was near impossible to get a decent photo of the cousin's. They wouldn't stop moving.

 In my rush to put CJ's shorts on (actually, he was very angry about getting dressed, so it's really his fault...), this happened.Th

 Sometimes I look into my baby's eyes, and I see my Man. He has that same soft, dreamy, sleepy look in his eyes that just kills me, makes my heart skip a beat, makes the drool spill out of my mouth, has me kissing the ground Clint walks on, makes me swoon... you get the point. CJ looks like Clint.

There's your update. Maybe someday I'll have something more intelligent to say on here. But there: I've fed your hungry hearts with photos of my beauteous child. 


  1. I am satisfied-for a little while :)

  2. Yes, you have satisfied my hungry heart...for now. ;) If I were there I don't think the creature would ever see the confines of his crib! Well, maybe a little bit. :) I love the mustache!! I look forward to when you have something more intelligent to say but for the meantime the pictures are adorable. ;)