Thursday, May 19, 2016

Future island home.

Well, just called the midwife. I couldn't help but think it was funny when I told Clint I was calling the midwife. Cause, y'know, that British tv show and all. I watched the first episode one time, and it was very dreary, so I lost interest. I know people love it though.
So yeah, I honestly did just call the midwife. In Kauai. There is a pretty awesome looking women's natural health center in the town we are moving to that has midwives on call for homebirths. So I'll be using them. About a month and a half after we get there.
We have around 50 days till we're supposed to leave. That just became a reality to me a couple days ago. That we are actually going. That we're really boarding a plane and going. That we'll be waking up every morning on a beautiful island for awhile, if not permanently. It's super weird and it just struck me as being real. I have done ENDLESS amounts of getting rid of stuff, and I have to do more. Somehow. I don't know what else to get rid of, but I know that if we were going next week, I'd be rushing around to get ready. So these next few weeks, my list is long of last minute tie-up things to do, packing random storage stuff away (like books, decorations), and I don't know what else. I am totally freaking out with excitement!!
For those of you who ask, we are moving to the town of Kapa'a, and yes, we have a house lined up. Clint will be managing our friend's metal business in Lihue, which is a neighboring town (the one you fly into when going to Kauai). CJ and I are excited about the long paved bike/running trail along the coastline just minutes from the home we'll be renting. We'll be using that thing everyday.
It's been years since I've been to Kauai, but I remember it pretty well. I cannot wait for my man to see all the gorgeousness there, and to just relax awhile with him before work starts up again. He works so stinking hard here. Here is so driven and his work ethic is incredibly strong. He is a real man in many ways, but that is one of them. He is diligent, reliable, and organized.  I am so thankful for how well he takes care of us, and his total anti-laziness. He is inspiring to me. I love him. Anyway. I am so, so, so glad he gets to take a break and vacation for awhile when we get there.
Random post, but I am freaking out about future plans. Tata for now, laundry calls.

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