Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's up lately.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is a good ol' fashioned picture post. Just what we've been up to (some of it). Basically, the most recent photos on my phone. We are having the most breathtakingly beautiful weather, and everything went from dead, cold, and sad, to neon green and flushing with life and beauty. It smells like honeysuckle outside. The spring and summer months in Tennessee never cease to amaze me. I asked Clint if he is as amazed at how beautiful it is like myself, and he said he is totally used to it, having been here for so long. Every year I am amazed again with the vibrancy and glory of all the green! The bugs are totally worth the trade-off.

These pics crack me up. Summer is such a dare-devil for her age (which is why she is so accident-prone), and happily flies around on the trampoline with CJ (who is thrilled for the companionship).


They love mornings walk where they actually get to walk themselves. CJ flies down the road on his scooter while Summer runs after. Barefoot, of course. 

This happened. Yes, those are bathroom scissors. He looks like Harry Potter.

So, we do have a blow-up pool, but I could not figure out how to change the adapter thingie on the air compressor so I could blow it up (where is my can-do-anything-man when I need him??). It was hot outside, so we created the most redneck "pool" in existence. It totally did the job. Who needs fancy pools when you have a tarp and a pile of lumber? They didn't know the difference. I am totally comfortable with how redneck this makes me. :-)

I love this photo. For the first time ever, CJ let Summer touch his little "baby planes" that he is uber protective of. He was teaching her what to do, and she was a serious little student. Pardon the messy bookshelf behind them. I promise it is neat and tidy and pretty now.

They hold hands when they walk down the road a lot. I promise, I did not stage this. It just happens. And when it happens, I take a photo.

Unflattering morning picture for ya, but they were so cute with their smiles, I couldn't resist. I promise we are not white and pasty in real life ;-)

Summer had the privilege of doing some modeling for my friend Rachel's Etsy store! She was so cute in the absolutely adorable hand-made rompers. Here is proof that sometimes her hair looks nice. Check out Rachel's shop here: . She is incredibly talented and her clothing is very detailed and pretty. I adore the romper she gave to Summer and I want them all!

Summer is a very, very happy little camper about 98% of the time.

About 8 seconds later, haha.

CJ rescued these baby birds a few days ago. He cared for him like their own mother, hand feeding them mushed up worms, talking to them, singing to them, and letting them explore. He would tweet at them, and they'd tweet back. It was the cutest thing ever. I was probably more sad when they died than he was though. He's a very good little caretaker. I named the smaller one Tweetie, he named the other John. He's always catching stuff. He has a tender heart toward small, helpless animals. Exactly like Clint. They're both very nurturing when duty calls.

Buds. Walle photobombing.

So, CJ is super into being an astronaut, and learning about space. He knows quite a bit about it, and has future plans to be the first man to travel to Mars. Get him talking about space, and he'll go on forever. Clint helped him draw each planet the other night, including it's distance from the sun, and their respective colors. It was one of the funniest conversations I've ever listened on, due to the seriousness of our little dude discussing, in a very grown up way, the planets and their different features. Homeschooling at it's finest! Clint and I look at each other and try not to laugh, because the things CJ says can be hilariously philosophical at times. I love seeing him develop personality traits like Clint. I hope he turns out just like him. Sharp, deep-thinking, compassionate, and very firm in his beliefs. So far, that's going pretty well. :-)
The end. Hopefully I'll get my new (prettier) blog up soon, as well as my Nikon running again. Thanks for stopping by!

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